Robot framework is an open source test automation framework utilized for Acceptance-Test Driven Development (ATDD) executed utilizing python. It has an environment which comprises of different test libraries and tools that hold fast to the keyword-driven methodology of robot framework. One of the outside test libraries for mobile test automation is Appium Library which utilizes Appium to speak with Android and iOS applications.

Robot framework
Robot Framework is a conventional test automation framework discharged under Apache License 2.0. The robot has standard test libraries and can be stretched out by test libraries executed either with Python or Java.
Features of Robot Framework:

  • Business Keyword driven, tabular and easy to understand the syntax for test case development
  • Permits formation of reusable more elevated amount keywords from the current keywords
  • Backing for standard and outer libraries for test automation
  • Labeling to sort and choose test cases to be executed
  • Simple to-peruse reports and logs in HTML design
  • Permits production of custom keywords
  • Stage and application freedom

Also, Robot Framework has a rich biological system of interior and outside libraries that comprise of numerous valuable keywords that you can re-use in your environment. Yet, don’t stress, on the off chance that you didn’t discover a keyword you need, you can build up another library itself. You can create tests with the Robot Framework on Java and Python. In the blog entry, we will utilize Python since the framework itself is actualized on Python and there are increasingly outside libraries on Python.