Solution Architecture  Design

Expertise at architecting complete  solutions from things integration  to user Analytics applications

IoT Systems

  • Expertise at working on various communication protocols such as OPC UA, MQTT, LoRa, AMQP, ZigBee

  • Expertise at IOT platform customisation for insightful business applications


User access authorisation

  • Secure data transport

  • Securely update firmware OTA




IOT Software Platforms





  • Operational intelligence

  • Condition monitoring

  • Location intelligence

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Things Management

  • Connectivity management

  • Platform customisation

  • Short range(ZigBee,Wifi,Bluetooth)

  • LPWA(LoRa,Sigfox)

  • Cellular(3G,4G)

  • Industrial(OPC,UA)

  • Industrial assests

  • Utility meters

  • RFID tags

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