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We at Connexis can bring a wave of digital transformation for your business. With our unique approach for the RPA, your business can fetch most of the benefits of automation. From defining an RPA roadmap to the continuous ways to make the RPA functioning better, our experts are there to cater to you. Our engineers know how to initiate the accessing and end with the innovations. Along the way, the best developments are brought to the table as per your business type and keeping in mind the prerequisites.

     Few exclusive RPA features offered by us
  1. Ultimate security is our promise- When your company works on the automation, the access to various users can be risky for your safety. But, got you covered with the specific tools with the permissions for the safeguarding purpose. Also, there will be encryption capability to secure sensitive data and to avoid any sort of network communication. We are sure you wish such a strong safety for your business while using RPA.
  2. Hosting and deployment- Our RPA system will comprise of deployment and hosting options. That flexibility actually attracts many customers and also is considered powerful enough to deploy the robots. So, your business can use the RPA solution and its tools to let the robots do the repetitive tasks.
  3. RPA will be having an action-based intelligence- One of the most alluring features of any RPA or ours exclusively can be an actionable intelligence. When your robot is able to gain knowledge and apply as per the requirement. However, cognitive intelligence and AI are the common ones, when it comes to RPA features. The increased wisdom for the robots can be done by putting machine learning and cognitive automation to the work. 

Use cases

Operations & CRM

Data extraction from SAP, putting in specific format and loading on RERA Portal

All Customer Data Report (One Report) Few Reports are downloaded and merged in Excel, This excel is used as amaster Data

Customer Interaction Day end Report to be sent , Logged in Case, Inbound and outbound Email tracking. (SFDC)

Creation of AUM (Asset under management) for the total stock handled by SSLL

Warehouse related data entry in Exchange provided applications as a part of compliance

NCDEX data entry compliance report-for internal consumption

Report for average commodity market rates by combining offline and online sources

Master Data Management in WMS

Report of total stock under insurance from SSLL

Warehouse related data entry in Exchange provided applications as a part of compliance – CCRL


Material batch tracking first In first out

Price data extraction from portal Cost master

Vendor creation in SAP

RC Creation/ Rate contract amendment and date changes at line level

PR to PO Creation

Configuration and master data related to new project

Material group, service group creation

User role creation and extension for new projects and assignment to user

Material master, service master and vendor master creation

Plant and Storage Location creation

Automate the Process of Daily Downloading the information of Finished Goods Rate Maintained @ Plant & WBS Level – compare with Standard Price Finalized. In case of difference to Carry out

Comparative Statement



Happy-SAP Integration

Book Closing entries and Balance Sheet Working

Sales collection Report – Login on Bank site and download NEFT data to share with CRM team

Sales & Cost Report Creation for Accounts Finalization

Report to Record R2R (other)

Vehicle loan posting entry and Interest entries-SAP n Treasury

No transaction in 6 months after creating the vendor, that vendor must be blocked. No transaction in 24 months with existing vendor, that
vendor must be blocked

WIP Statement

Interest entries (200 plus
Intercompany loans n interest entries)

House Bank creation

Period Opening/closing with approval workflow


CP Validation and creation

Broker brokerages entries

Extraction of Competitor Information from RERA portal (currently getting from 3rd party support) Competitor Project details – Inventory analysis like FSI, Parking, Amenities, No of Aprt, Aprt sold. Channel partner and agent RERA number Verification

Sold/Unsold Inventory Data-Inventory change in SAP to be reflected back in SFDC

Human resource

To upload Punch-In & Out Time recorded in the machine to SAP

Payroll Docket

Budget vs Actual

Man-days Report – MIS

Attrition Report

Daily Attendance Dashboard

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