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In a world of ever-growing digital assets, Digital Asset Management (DAM) is essential to the efficient structure, organization, retrieval, and access of files held by an organization, educational institution, or company.

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

DAM is, essentially, a digital library solution for all your digital assets – documentation, images, audio, video, presentations, podcasts, animations, and any other digital or multimedia content – in an easy-to-access, quick-to-search, centralized location.

The term digital asset management actually covers a large array of software solutions; from an individual’s digital file library to solutions that resemble enterprise content management.

Previously, digital asset management tools were used solely by publishing and media companies only as part of making production easier. Many establishments have seen the benefits of the software and now, the tool isn’t limited to publishing and media companies anymore.

Why to use?

According to a report by Harvard Business Review, digital assets have doubled in the past 15 years. This is in lieu of firms investing resources into digitizing their physical assets.

DAM helps teams and different departments accomplish their goals. It allows them to quickly find assets, unleashing creative potential. A company with a strong DAM solution has consistent brand throughout each project and campaign.

What are the benefits of Digital Asset Management system?

The advantages of digital asset management software come aplenty. Tools in this field resolve an array of productivity issues that can set back a company and use up time and resources along the way.

  • Organizes digital assets in a central location
  • Reduces the time for search term
  • Automates workflows and enhances team creativity
  • Saves space with a seamless cloud experience
  • Maximized asset value
  • Supported business growth
  • Top-notch security for the cloud files
  • Remote access to users
  • Facilitated data analysis
  • Manage your brand the right way

If your company isn’t very digitally active or manages a negligible number of assets, a DAM system won’t help you.

But, The moment you can’t find any important document file or have to carry out the same change on an image for the third time because it keeps getting lost in the chaos, that’s the time to adopting the Digital Asset Management system in your business.

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